About Emma & Hotel Reader

The hospitality industry is my biggest passion…

As early as the first year of my studies in hotel management, I realized that this is what I want to do, and I was proud that I chose to study tourism and management.

Since I graduated from the University of Tourism and Management, I have worked in, managed or consulted hotels, hostels, motels, apartments, and restaurants,  across Europe and Australia.

I want to help and share everything that I learned from my studying, research or working/managing in the hospitality industry. But most of all I would like for you to make your guests satisfied with their stay.

About Emma and Hotel Reader

Go beyond your competition, research, read Hotel Reader and always improve to get great results!

For a hotelier, there is no higher satisfaction than observing the happy guests leaving your property. It means a job well done.

That’s what we all do, right? But to achieve this, we should try to make them an unforgettable, comfortable stay where everyone will feel at home.

For a person to be successful in doing what he or she needs, he/she must love the job first and foremost.

What makes Hotel Reader unique?

What is unique about Hotel Reader is that most of the knowledge that we share is backed by data, experts in our field and case studies.

We also add our personal experience of what works and what does not, our personal case studies and extensive research on a subject.

Whats even most important is that we care deeply about our guests. That’s what hospitality is. Seeing that precious look on their happy faces when they are leaving the property.

How Hotel Reader can help you

We will give you unique and straightforward advice and information on how to make more revenue for any property. Increase your property rankings and get more positive reviews. Keep the guests happy and how to attract new ones who will later be your loyal guests in your accommodation capacity.

It doesn’t matter what kind of property you are running. Always offer 5-star service

Here you will be able to read how to organize yourself, your work and employees faster and thus enable the guests an unforgettable stay and a service of the highest rank.

You will find valuable information and tips on how to properly manage the hotel’s income and how to make more reservations in your hotel.

Hotel Reader is available for everyone who wants to progress in their work and offer foundation and updated knowledge for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are a supervisor, manager or property owner in the hospitality industry.

Hotel Reader was created to help to reduce the stress and simplify the work of managers and owners of hotels, apartments or any other type of accommodation.

Even if you are an owner of a few apartments we will guide you step by step on how to improve your property revenue.

Our goal is for you to implement all of this while making the guests happy with their stay.

If you have any questions, feedback, tips or you simply need help with your property I am here to help! Contact Me & Hotel Reader