airbnb first coupon

You will get $40, and I’ll get $20 in travel credits, but first, you need an Airbnb Coupon. After that, you can invite your friends and earn travel credits by offering them an Airbnb First Time Booking Coupon.

Just follow my steps below and i will show you my Airbnb booking tips that can save you money for travel.

What is an Airbnb Coupon?

Airbnb Coupon is a form of travel voucher that is entitling the user to a discount on the Airbnb Marketplace. Airbnb first time coupons, codes, promos and discounts are available for anyone who refers a friend. By referring a friend to stay in one of the Airbnb Rentals, he gets a discount, and you get travel credit.

How do you get Airbnb First Booking Coupon?

Getting an Airbnb Coupon is easy. Here are the steps:

  1. First thing you need is an Email Address. If you don’t have one, sign up for one on Google. It is the best since you can automatically log in to Airbnb with your Google email.
  2. Sign Up To Claim Your Credit
  3. The coupon will be automatically applied when you choose your stay or experience.

That’s it!

How the airbnb first booking coupon works for travelers

If a traveller/s has never used Airbnb before, they will get a discount for $40 off their first stay of $75 or more when they use your coupon code. The Airbnb Discount code also works if you book an experience.

Pack your travel gear, get an Airbnb Promotion and travel the world!

Where i need to enter my airbnb coupon code

This First Time Airbnb Coupon is automatically applied during checkout. There are no codes for you to copy and paste on your first booking.

Separately, If you have an Airbnb coupon code and you want to use it to make a home booking, you can add it on the checkout page. Keep in mind that coupon codes can’t be applied to existing rental reservations or Airbnb experiences.

You can use your Airbnb Coupon when entering your payment on the checkout page, then click Redeem a coupon just below your payment method, and enter your code.

Click Apply.

Can i get an Airbnb Discount for Long-Term Travel?

Airbnb discount for long-term travel usually works like a deal between the Host and you. However, if you decide to stay for a more extended period, you can always try contacting the hosts and negotiate for an Airbnb Discount.

This works great if you practice “sustain travel“, so go ahead, message the host on the Airbnb platform.

Can i Give Airbnb discounts to my own friends on their first time travel?

Travel gifts are always appreciated among friends. Giving Airbnb discounts to your friends is possible and can be very rewarding. You can provide Airbnb Discounts by sharing the invite link that you can find on the Airbnb invite page:

Sharing the Airbnb love with your friends will get them discount on their first travel, and you get travel credit that you can use for your future adventures.

Do Airbnb coupon codes always work?

There is a chance for this Airbnb promo code not to work. This is because you already have an Airbnb Account and the codes for Airbnb are already used. This might have happened when you automatically applied when you register through a link.
Airbnb coupon codes are automatically applied when you register for the first time and complete your booking. All you need to do is click on one of the links on my page to get $40 off your next Airbnb booking for free!

A solution for promotion code that doesn’t work is this: Click any of my links and register with your spouse or partners email address and you will automatically get a discount on your next booking.

Alternative Airbnb Coupon codes, Discounts, Promos, Vouchers and Deals

By using my Airbnb Voucher with your unregistered spouse or partner email the referral link will work 100% on your next booking on any Airbnb Properties.

Now, I haven’t personally check these, but for your convenience, I have gathered the best resources from the Internet for you to get an Airbnb Coupon Codes that you can apply as codes or are automatically applied during checkout.

  1. As a first alternative, you can use the Coupon codes from CNN. They have the Best Airbnb Coupons of 2019. All of their Airbnb coupon codes have been verified and tested each day!
  2. There are always over 50 offers available for Airbnb Coupon Codes at
  3. Business Insider doesn’t have much active Airbnb Coupons, but they are always up to date.

Use this coupon to stay in some of the world’s favorite Airbnb Rentals.

The Airbnb first booking coupon you can use whenever you want, even in the luxury apartments or homes around the world. You choose where you want to stay for your vacation days for less money, only if you get the Airbnb first booking coupon.

Here are some of the Top rentals around the world where you can use the discount.

New South Wales, Australia 

airbnb coupon code for New South Wales, Australia

Fantastic home located in Darlinghurst on the famous Victoria Street. This accommodation on Airbnb has a terrific terrace, where you can enjoy your vacation days.

All the place is bright and clean, very comfortable and contemporary. If you are planning your next trip to Australia, this property can be the right choice for you.

Grezzana, Veneto, Italy

airbnb discount for Verona, Italy

If you are planning to use the Airbnb first booking coupon somewhere in Europe, consider about staying in Verona, Italy.

Visit this stunning villa from the late 19th century. This unique Airbnb villa is only 10 minutes from Verona centre.

It has beautiful interior with amazing small details that will make you feel like home.

Jersey City, New York

airbnb first time coupon for Jersey City, New York

Do you want to have this view during your stay in New York? You can have it with Airbnb first booking coupon.

This accommodation on Airbnb is for instant booking. A modern and luxury building where you can find anything you need. You will have access to the fitness center, rooftop area, spa center, pool and every amenities that this building is offering.

Moscow, Russia

airbnb coupon for Moscow, Russia

Excellent location near Tverskaya metro, close to the city center. Make unforgettable memories in Moscow this year staying in this apartment. Modern, clean and on a very popular location. This might be the best property in Moscow. The Airbnb host is amazing and very helpful.

By using this small travel guide about getting an Airbnb discount code, you will be saving money on cleaning fees or maybe travel insurance.

Lets summarize and some final words.

1. As you can see booking on Airbnb is easy, just use my travel tips, travel South America and who knows, you might become a digital nomad that likes traveling, and earn money online from his travel blog.

2. You can always try to claim your Airbnb as an Airbnb Host by renting out your apartment.

3. You can get some Airbnb credit for traveling by sharing your Airbnb promo code or referral link.

Enjoy your vacation, retreat or experience. Make your profile and share your own unique Airbnb coupon with your friends. Or use my Airbnb First Booking Coupon and get up to $40 off on your next booking.