In the last article, I was writing about how to welcome guests in a hotel, so I think it is reasonable to have the same for those who rent their vacation homes. 

How to welcome guests if you are vacation homeowner

There are some differences in welcoming guests in hotels and vacation homes or apartments, but the major thing is the same, and that is the first impression.  

Make a good first impression 

The first impression is the thing that always I’m writing about. And yes, it is the most crucial thing in hospitality, I mean in every hospitality. And yes, I will, for sure writing about the first impression for a long time. 

The first impression isn’t essential just for the hotel business, but it is essential in every segment when you are welcoming guests. I will say it is more critical for those who rent vacation homes and apartments. 

How will the first impression impact the guests?

first impression

I will tell you one of my experiences that happened not so long ago and the first one that I am writing about as a guest. 

In these ten years of my expertise in hospitality, I have been in a position more on the side where I am welcoming guests instead of being guests somewhere. 

However, in the past month, I have had a chance to be a guest in several different accommodations, and I have different kinds of experiences.  

On the last trip, my family and I didn’t have such a great welcome in the villa where we spend the weekend. And I think that experience makes me write this article. 

The owner of the villa wasn’t so kind to us, because we were about half an hour late, even though we called her to tell her that we are going to be late and we did tell the reasons. She was so rude and told me that she has more important things to do instead of waiting for us for hours in the villa. Again, she was waiting for us for half an hour from the arranged meeting time!

With this kind of welcome, no one is going to write a good review. 

Even the villa was beautiful and comfy, and my weekend was ruined. I didn’t enjoy my stay. 

However, she did text me after our stay at the villa to apologize for her behavior the previous day. But that didn’t help at all.   

The 10/4 Welcoming Guest Rule 

The ten- four rule can also be used if you are welcoming guests in your vacation villa. In this case, you can also give the guest a handshake as welcome. 

How does the 10/4 rule work?

When your guest is about ten feet away from you, you can have eye contact and smile on your face. When it gets to four feet, you can say, “hello.” 

This rule is part of the first impression, so I advise you to use it whenever you are welcoming guests. 

Do not let the guests wait

Never let yourself be late when you are meeting the guests. If you want to leave a great first impression, you’ll need to be 10 to 15 minutes at the meeting point before the guests.  

Don't let the guest wait

If you are meeting the guests at the property, you should be there half an hour ago before the guests arrive. At that time, while you are waiting, you can check if everything is in order in the house/apartment. 

Guests arrival

You meet your guests, you were polite with them, have a little chat about their traveling, and now it is time to show them the property inside. 

Tell them about the home rules, if you have them. I advise you to have all that in a booklet. So, you can show to the guests where the booklet is, and ask them politely to read it.

Show the guests the rooms and all the amenities that your property is offering. 


Always have prepared a welcome basket. If you are renting a luxury property, you should have some luxury amenities and presents for your guests.

A welcome drink will be nice. Also, some delicate chocolate in the basket will surprise the guests. 

Offer quality bathroom supplies, such as soaps, lotions, shampoos. 

If your property has a private pool or Jacuzzi, you should have prepared some pleasant surprises around the water, such as glasses of champagne, quality wine or candles. The little things always can make the guests feel welcomed. 

Luxury amenities

Listen to the guests carefully 

Listening to the guests is also one of the essential things when you are welcoming them. If you don’t listen to the guests what they have to tell you on arrival, that can cost you a lot. Maybe they will have some questions? You need to listen to them carefully. 

It is also part of the first impression. If you are in a rush and everything you want to do is to accommodate the guests and leave, then you will leave an impact on them that they are not so welcomed in your property. 

If you have other things to do, then you should employ someone to do the welcoming of the guests instead of you. 

Before you leave the property 

Before you go, ask the guests if they have questions for you (if they didn’t ask while you were showing the property). Even if they ask you something, again, before you leave, ask them again. 

Always tell your guests that you are available for them if they have any concerns about the area or the property. Give them your phone number, so they can contact you if there is any problem. 

And the most important thing is to wish them to have a lovely stay at your property. And please, tell that with all your heart, not just words. The guests can easily see if you don’t mean that.  


Last advice when you are welcome guests

If you are using these simple things when you are welcoming the guests in your property, be sure that you will have excellent reviews, and more good reviews you have, the more guests will come in your accommodation.

I am sure that we all have bad days, but if you are in the hospitality business, you will need to have a smile on your face. And if you choose to work this type of business, you must love the job that you are doing. Otherwise, you are not going to be successful.

If you are new in this business, maybe you will find this welcoming a hard thing to do. But, believe me, if you love what you do, nothing will be hard. You’ll need to learn how to be patient, and the most important thing is kind to your guests. 


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